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Howdy and welcome to my medical page.

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Well, thankfully it's been quite some time since I needed surgical intervention with any of my ratties which is why I haven't updated the site in a while. Sadly I do suspect that this won't always be the case though, so do watch this space in case of any updates in the future.

Why create a medical page, I hear you ask. Well, have you ever had a rat who's been diagnosed with having a mammary tumour? First of all, that can be a very scary thing to be told, second of all, if you ever wanted to, where could you go to see what one looks like???

The word 'tumour' is actually a lot less frightening once you actually see one, it's just a piece of meat after all.

This site contains graphic images of tumours after removal, as well as other things that some people might find a bit icky. If in doubt, don't look.


I've always had an interest in all things medical and surgical, and so, when I  tried to find sites on the web specifically showing what these tumours looked like, and couldn't find a single one, I decided to try to make my own.

I have an extremely wonderful and understanding vet, who always helps and advises me with my rats' health care, and who also allows me to photograph various tumours and other things which have been removed from my rats. Before now, the vets I'd always been to, had a tendency to keep all things medical out of the way of the lay person, and so I'd had no opportunity to further my own understanding of what really goes on inside.

I do wish to stress that I'm not a vet myself, and in every case, if your rat is sick, or you suspect that it's in some discomfort, it's always best to consult a vet with no exceptions.

'Paw in hand'

These little animals rely on us to give them the care they deserve, please don't let them down.


This site is dedicated to two people, my rat, Mr Jingles, who taught me just how much a rat can mean to it's human, and how much a human can mean to them, and my wonderful vet, without whom, Mr Jingles wouldn't have lived as long as he did. 

Thank you both.



If you have any spare change and a Paypal account, myself and my rats would be eternally grateful for any donations to help with our ratty vet bill, so I can continue to give these beautiful animals the care they deserve.

Many thanks indeed. 

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